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Retaining talent and increasing workplace productivity

Striking a positive work/life balance requires the ability to manage work, family and personal life without extreme stress or negative impact. Work/life imbalance is a growing burden in the general workplace, but one that can be greatly reduced by employers who implement proven solutions that help minimise these stresses.
Support and guidance, as well as programs helping employees manage personal life demands can help to increase workplace productivity and increase profits. Offering effective work/life balance initiatives in a workplace also underpins strategic HR goals, helping to both attract and retain key talent and position an organisation as an employer of choice amidst a ‘tight’ skilled labour market.
The Archway Group’s work/life balance solutions focus on providing employees and managers alike with the practical skills to effectively recognise, identify the ‘cost’ of, and proactively put into place strategies to resolve conflicts between work and outside life demands.

The Archway Group Work/Life Balance Services

  • Work/Life Balance, Wellness and Executive Development Workshops
  • Work/Life Balance Policy and Procedure Development
  • Needs Based Analyses
  • Employee Engagement Surveys
  • Climate Surveys

Work/Life Balance Workshop

Want to know more?

Work/Life Balance Workshop For Managers & HR Professionals

  • What does work/life imbalance cost?
  • Policy versus permission – why do initiatives work or fail?
  • How can you attract and retain talent via work/life balance?

Wellness Workshop

  • Are you building a wellness culture?
  • What effect does nutrition have on performance?
  • What’s a good night’s sleep worth?

Work/Life Balance Workshop For Employees

  • What areas of your life are being neglected?
  • What conflicts are causing you stress?
  • What behaviours do you need to put in place to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals?

Executive Development

  • What am I not hearing from my team?
  • What does “leadership” really mean?
  • How can you get ‘my way’ without sending others to the ‘highway’?

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