Interviewing Skills Workshops - Archway


Developing the skills to identify the right fit

Job interviews very often only last an hour or so, but should the wrong decision be made, the consequences will last far longer and prove very costly. Whilst good interviewing skills are critical for those responsible for employing staff, not everyone is taught this art, and not everyone has the opportunity to practice it once it has been taught.

The Archway Group’s Interviewing Skills Workshops are designed with this in mind, and helps participants understand the purpose of the interview, how to prepare for, conduct and analyse an interview, and develop the skills that will allow you to identify competency levels and, most importantly, the right fit.

Our workshops cover:
  • The Purpose Of The Interview
  • Pre Interview Planning
  • The Interview Structure
  • Conducting an Interview – Questioning Techniques
  • Post Interview Evaluation
  • Matching Interview Findings To Other Assessment Tools

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