Career Development & Counselling - Archway


Working towards your ideal job and reaching maximum potential

Success isn’t just a matter of luck. Those who tend to get ahead are almost always those who have chosen the career path that ideally suits them.

Professionals seldom entirely realise just how their abilities, behaviour and personality impact upon team dynamics, career direction, and ultimately, their success. Learning just where efforts are best directed can take a lifetime of trial and error, but there is an easier way to find a career path that optimises professional potential.

The Archway Group’s Career Development & Counselling Programs can help you better understand the direction and developmental steps needed to reach maximum potential – both professionally and personally.

Our guidance can help address key issues around:

  • Achieving work/life balance
  • Leadership potential
  • The roles naturally adopted versus those that can be performed
  • Identifying tendencies that hinder success
  • Career direction
  • Leveraging strengths to best effect
  • Workplace environment preference/culture fit
  • Self perception versus observer perception
  • Traits that need to be moderated or considered when ‘stepping up’ to the next level
  • Creating a career plan

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