Avoiding Misleading Representations & Protecting Your Privacy - Archway


Ensuring opportunities are real and taking control of your details

The Archway Group urges all those who are in the job market to be aware that false or misleading job advertisements may be on the internet. It is important therefore that before sending off your personal details, you read the job advertisement carefully, research the advertiser and even telephone the contact. By asking the right questions, you will be able to ascertain that the job is a current and real opportunity, that the person representing the role, particularly a recruitment consultant, does indeed have permission to recruit for that role, and whether the role meets your criteria.

Your personal details need to be afforded the utmost confidentiality and privacy. This is law. Every company that has your details must comply with the Privacy Act. This means you have a right to know how the information you provide is stored and used, and your permission must be sought before it is sent to anyone else. When sending your details, make sure there is a notice on your actual résumé that it is to be kept confidential, and that your permission must be sought before it is forwarded to anyone else. Professional recruitment companies must comply with Privacy legislation and have a Privacy Policy in place. They will also openly discuss your rights under the Privacy legislation with you.

Make sure, too, that you are protecting other people’s privacy when sending your résumé to another party – leave off referee details. These can be provided at a later date, after you have had an interview and when it is appropriate for the reference checking process to commence.

A critical aspect of searching for a new role is staying in control of what happens to your personal details.

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